El Amor Brujo - Century Tribute

Second Year of ESO students of IES Mirasierra (Madrid, Spain) celebrated the centenary of the premiere of Amor Brujo by Manuel de Falla (April 15, 1915).

These are their assignments that were exposed in the School and served for a Gymkhana Quiz at the Christmas party.


The Exhibition

1 Synopsis of the Amor Brujo

2 Gitanería

3 Chamber version

4 Orchestral version

5 Ballet

6 Piano version

7 Manuel de Falla Biography

8 Gregorio Martínez Sierra Biography

9 Pastora Imperio Biography

10 The main characters: Candela and Carmelo

11 First movie: 1967 Francisco Rovira Beleta

12 Second movie: 1986 Carlos Saura

13 Old Posters

14 New Posters

15 Original setting

16 Amor Brujo 1 Introducción y escena ('Introduction and scene')

17 Amor Brujo 2 En la cueva ('In the cave')

18 Amor Brujo 3 Canción del amor dolido ('Song of suffering love')

19 Amor Brujo 4 El aparecido (El espectro) ('The apparition')

20 Amor Brujo 5 Danza del terror ('Dance of terror')

21 Amor Brujo 6 El círculo mágico (Romance del pescador) ('The magic circle')

22 Amor Brujo 7 A media noche: los sortilegios

23 Amor Brujo 8 Danza ritual del fuego ('Ritual fire dance')

24 Amor Brujo 9 Escena ('Scene')

25 Amor Brujo 10 Canción del fuego fatuo ('Song of the will-o'-the-wisp')

26 Amor Brujo 11 Pantomima ('Pantomime')

27 Amor Brujo 12 Danza del juego de amor ('Dance of the game of love')

28 Amor Brujo 13 Final – las campanas del amanecer ('Finale – the bells of sunrise')

The Gymkhana

This was the test First and Second graders of ESO has to overcome in the Gymkhana of December 22, 2015:

The test is in Spanish because it was for all Students (Program and Section), 
but they had to look at the information that was in English.

And this are the correct answers:
  1. A
  2. B
  3. D
  4. B
  5. A
  6. C
  7. D
  8. B
  9. D
  10. C
Working out the Quiz.

(Thank you Isabel for the photo!)